MLB 12: The Show Will Let You Step Up To the Plate

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Avid gamers that are die hard baseball fans will love what Sony Computer Entertainment is about to release. If you loved the action and intense competition in MLB 11, then you will be able to enhance that love with MLB 12. MLB 12: The Show will be very much like the seemingly real life plays seen in MLB 11, but if you missed MLB 11, you will be able to enjoy it again with new and improved enhance features. MLB 12: The Show will take MLB 11 to the next level, including all MLB teams, rosters, and even the stadiums from upcoming season. What can you expect from MLB 12: The Show?If you are an avid follower of the MLB franchise, and are a gamer, you probably already know that MLB 12: The Show isn’t just about the odd animation in a baseball video game. This is a 360 degree vision of being on the field with sliding images that will make you feel like your virtual baseball diamond is realer than ever. What MLB 12: The Show is bringing this year is a slew of new features and enhancements to make your virtual baseball experience unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. Players in this version will react in a much more authentic manner, with collisions, sliding, and even the odd spike here or there.Sony works to blur the lines between reality and television with this game, and you have more control than ever before. The improvements to the ball physics this time around are only one of the key enhancements in MLB 12: The Show. This year’s version was reworked based on actual computations from Sony’s engineering team, who calculated the physics of a spinning ball in real life and rewrote the code for MLB 12: The Show to reflect real life physics. Everything from how a ball strikes the bat to its release into the field have been carefully re-coded to match real life baseball action. You will love how the speed of the ball matches actual MLB figures, and ball spin off actually reflects what happens on the field of America’s biggest and best stadiums.Another addition to this year’s version is the new Pulse Pitching mode. Here you select your location and pitch much like other simulated baseball games, however this year’s version offers a pulsating X offering more accuracy in your pitching than ever. If you’re tired of analog pitching, you will love this new feature.Everything you love about baseball is bring brought to you with MLB 12: The Show. Right from Road to the Show, Exhibition season, Season games, and even the Home Run Derby. Play with other baseball fans online, or share your files between your PS3 or your Playstation Vita. That means, you can play MLB 12: The Show wherever you want! In addition to these features, this version offers a full Move control allowing you to move beyond last year’s version by actually using the Move as an integral component of your game. Catch, throw, run, pitch, and hit as if you were on the diamond yourself. MLB 12: The Show will not be released until March 6, but you can Pre Order MLB 12 The Show right here to lock in the lowest price guarantee!